Bounty Coconut Chocolate1X24x57g



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Product Type       : Chocolate Bar 

Manufactured By : Mars,Incorporated

Origin                   : United Kingdom, Canada, Australia & Portugal

Benefits                : It includes 135 calories,18g of good carbs,6g 0f fat and 1g of protein. 

                             so all in all its very healthy and delicious. The bounty chocolate also 

                             provides you the vitamin E., calcium., phosphorus, magnesium., iron, 

                             copper, and antioxidants. so it have lots of benefits in it.

Details                  : Bounty is a coconut-filled, chocolate-enrobed candy bar manufactured by      

                               Mars, Incorporated. It is a direct emulation of the Mounds bar introduced by 

                               Peter Paul in 1936, and also copies the milk chocolate enrobing of its 

                               Almond Joy introduced in 1948 in that version. Introduced in 1951

                               In The United Kingdom and Canada, it was initially only coated with milk 


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